CardioTech GT-105 Spirometer

CardioTech GT-105 Spirometer

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A fast, simple, durable diagnostic spirometer


  • Flow Volume Loop Included
  • Interpretation With Lung Age
  • Incentive Software for both Adult and Pediatric Patients
  • PC Connectivity (Wired/Wireless) Included
  • Maximum Spirometry Reimbursement Potential
  • FVC, FEV1, IVC, MVV, PRE/POST Bronchodilator Comparison with a Wide Range of Selectable Parameters
  • Color Touchscreen 7 inches Display plus a Long Life Rechargeable Battery
  • Direct Connection to External USB Printer
  • 10,000 Spirometry tests or 500 hours of Oximetry Recording
  • Fast and Silent built-in Printer with Customizable Printout Format

Fast and Intuitive

For modern professionals

  • Each function can be activated by a simple touch on the intuitive bar menu always present on the screen.

Customizable Software Tool

  • Upgrade device firmware if required
  • Upload and save device archive in case of servicing
  • Generate device archive into a PDF report for each spirometry session


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