EKG Stress System Refurbishment Process

EKG Stress System Refurbishment Process

When purchasing a stress machine there is much to consider. First and foremost the cost. Purchasing a stress machine can be a significant investment, therefore it is important to be informed on which machine is best suited for your practice before investing. 

Purchasing a brand new machine with everything included can run upwards of 20k. If you are looking to invest in multiple machines or are on a budget refurbished stress machines can be an excellent alternative because they provide you with the ability to get high-quality equipment for a fraction of the price of a new machine. 

The refurbishment process of the stress system will be different depending on which company you decide to purchase your machine from. It is important to understand what kind of refurbished machine you will be receiving. At CardioTech, all of our refurbished machines are fully refurbished – meaning that each device is completely overhauled. Learn more about the specifics of the refurbishment process by following the infographic below. 

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Stress Machine Refurbishment Process
How to fully refurbish a stress ekg machine
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