How much do bladder scanners cost in 2019?

How much do bladder scanners cost in 2019?


Purchasing a bladder scanner is a significant investment, especially for centers that are just getting started. If you’re considering purchasing a bladder scanner, you should take into account all of the costs associated with owning a bladder scanner. You may want to ask yourself a few questions before you get started: Do you want a tabletop bladder scanner or a handheld pistol style bladder scanner? How accurate does your scanner need to be? What’s your budget? Do you want a digital or a mechanical bladder scanner? These are all great questions to ask yourself while searching for your next bladder scanner.


How do Bladder Scanners Work?


Bladder scanners work by sending high‑frequency sound waves into the body from a transducer probe placed on the skin of the abdomen. Some of the sound waves are reflected back towards the probe, which detects these reflected sound waves and passes the information back to the bladder scanner. The bladder scanner uses this information to construct a picture of a 2D ‘slice’ through the body.


Intended Uses

Bladder scanners are intended for individuals needing bladder volume measurements in primary and secondary care settings, including both urology and surgical wards. Bladder scanners are not intended for use on unborn babies or pregnant women. Any healthcare professional, including healthcare assistants and nurses, can use the device, after training provided by the manufacturer.


A hand‑held probe that sends and receives ultrasound waves, automatically moving its internal transducer 360º to scan 12 planes to produce a 3D image of the bladder. The probe is attached to the console by a detachable cable and has several main features:

  • A scan button that is pressed to take a scan.
  • An aiming display that displays directional arrows to ensure the bladder is centred within the scanning cone.
  • A microphone that records the voice of the person operating the system.
  • A console with a colour LCD display screen. All operating controls, as well as the printer, are located on the console.
  • Lithium‑ion battery – a fully charged battery can provide about 30 examinations within a 24‑hour period. Charging time offline for an empty battery is 6 hours for a full charge.
  • A battery charger or wireless hub with AC power cord.

The single‑use components are:

  • Thermal paper roll for the printer.
  • Acoustic coupling gel.


Bladder Scanner Costs in 2019

Bladder scanning technologies have recently developed at a rapid pace, driving the price and availability of bladder scanners downwards. A few years ago, the average cost of a bladder scanner would be upwards of $7,000 to $11,000.

Today, bladder scanners can cost as low as $3,500 depending on the brand and features that your facility requires.

What Effects the Price of a Bladder Scanner?

  1. Brand
    1. The biggest impact on a bladder scanners price is the brand that you are looking at purchasing. If your facility is wanting to purchase a verathon bladder scanner then you should expect to pay upwards of $7,000 minimum. On the other hand if you are to find a lesser known brand with the same features and functionality, you can save yourself $2,000-$3,000.


  1. Maintenance
    1. Typically, the verathon bladder scanner probe will wear down over time and become less accurate. You’ll spend anywhere from $300-$1,000 per year getting your bladder scanner recalibrated through a service contract. However, if you purchase a newer bladder scanner with a digital 3D probe, you’ll save yourself money on those recurring costs.


  1. Bladder Scanner Style
    1. Lastly, the style of bladder scanner that you purchase will also have an effect on the price. Pistol style bladder scanners typically cost less than the desktop style bladder scanners. On average pistol style bladder scanners can cost significantly less than tabletop scanners.





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